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Physical Therapy

At ASPIRE, we strive to help get you out of pain as quickly as possible to meet your goals. You will undergo a detailed and holistic evaluation with a movement first perspective. Through this, we are able to see local and global impairments and movement deviations that help paint a story as to what is causing your pain.

We are skilled at finding the cause of your pain and not just the impairment. We work together as a team to help you understand your pain and take control of it during and after our time together. We use a combination of skilled manual therapy, therapeutic exercises and programming, movement re-education, and more to help you move better, faster, and stronger.  

We treat all orthopedic, sports, and musculoskeletal injuries ranging from repetitive injuries, to all post-operative cases, to pelvic floor. To learn about which therapist might align with your goals the most, go back to our about us page! 

Cash Pricing (Not using insurance): 
1. Evaluation: $200, on one one evaluation with DPT, No aides.
2. Follow ups:
a. One on one with DPT only (no aides): $150/session
b. DPT and one trained aide: $125/Session
3. Packages: 5 treatments for $550

Return To Sport Evaluations

We value objective testing and evidence based practice to help you inform your return to sport after injury, as well as preventative testing to help you perform better.

A physical therapist will take you through a thorough assessment specific to your injury to help you as an athlete or inform a team as to what still needs fine-tuning.

This includes dynamometer testing for power production/endurance etc for pertinent muscle groups, force plate testing, extensive movement testing, and re-education component based on our findings. 

Tests are done for both lower extremity and upper extremity!  Contact us to learn more about this might include. 


Aspire Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

Sports Performance Training

Aspire Physical Therapy & Sports Performance offers sports-specific performance training with our Doctors of Physical Therapy.

We teach clients how to enhance their athletic performance while remaining free from injury. We take pride in designing a specific program based on your sport of choice.

Multiple research studies have proven that combining movement analysis, sports-specific training, and evidence-based physical therapy techniques has shown great results in both high-level athletes and weekend warriors. 

Small Group Team Training

Team training of 4 individuals or less charged by the hour. Classes are led by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and is aimed at performance for specific skills related to your sport. A perfect way to up your game while maintaining healthy movement. Includes working with coaches for a perfect integration of required skills needed on the field!

Women’s Health

ASPIRE now serves La Cañada and surrounding areas with women’s health and pelvic floor physical therapy. Our Pelvic Health Specialist is able to work with women who are pre/post partum suffering with sexual dysfunction, incontinence, or pelvic pain. 

Recovery Lounge

Visit any of our facilities to experience state of the art recovery lounges. We have everything you need for your body to heel, repair, and recover after activity and injury! Includes: 

1. Normatek/ Gameready 

2. Hypervolt, Theragun

3. Instrument assisted soft tissue tools  

4. Blood Flow Restriction Training